Last minute hotel deals in Royal Deeside

A limited amount of rooms is often available at great rates for both weekday and weekend stays. These are subject to 1 night cancellation penalty and require full credit card payment on booking. Details are available from the hotel and availability can be checked and bookings made on line.


Remember too that there is a difference between arranging last minute travel to Aberdeenshire and Royal Deeside – and getting a great late deal or hotel rate bargain. Often the closer to the date of arrival the more expensive the rates become as hotels become full or close to full. So this makes so called ‘last minute deals’ or ‘late rooms’ not bargains at all, but often very expensive. Here at Loch Kinord, a late deal is always a great rate. But again best policy is usually to contact the hotel as you’ll always get the best rate by speaking to us.

There are currently no  late deals available.

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